Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jared and Mommy

Jared and Cade

Jared and Cade Nov. 2008 at grandma's house. They love to play together. The boys chase each other throughout the house and scream.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jared and Kyler

Jared playing with Kyler and Grandmommy (Jared 1 month old)

Jared in the stroller

Jared chilling in his stroller. The first couple of times I put him in the stroller he would scream and cry the whole time I tried to walk. I almost gave up but he likes it now.


Jared loves swimming. He loves any kind of water.

toy dog

My parents gave him this dog to rock back and forth on.

1st birthday

Jared's birthday party

Look at that face!!!!!

Jared's 1st birthday

Jared's 1st birthday. He got a four wheeler and a water table. We had all our family members come over for a BBQ. He loved the cake so much. I went over to my friend Sue Ann she help me make the cakes.

water table

Jared loves playing in the water. I thought it would be a good choice to get him a water table so we could bring it in the winter put rice or beans in it and in the summer put water in it. I never ended up bringing it in for the winter but he sure loved it in the summer.


Jared is camping with Grandpa. We finally talked my dad into getting a trailer. He ended up getting a really nice one up in SLC area. It was so funny because he called Bryce to see if he could go with him to pick it up. He also asked if Bryce could pull it home cause his truck was in the shop. He will never live that one down.

Grandma and Cade

Jared is with Grandma and cousin Cade. Cade is 6 months older than Jared. I know that they will be such buds when they get older.


Jared loves going camping so my mom bought him his own chair. He was so proud to sit in the chair by himself then the cat came and sat on his lap. Which he loved after a minute!!!

Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007. Jared let me put the hat on him for only a second then he wanted it off. He came to my school for a Halloween parade then we showed him off to grandparents.

Easter 2008

Easter 2008 Jared liked throwing the Easter eggs!!!

Camping and Four wheeling

Jared likes riding with Dad. We went to San Rafael with Cory. It was the first time we used our new trailer. Our trailer has two slide outs which make it heavy but roomy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Four Wheeler

Jared loves his four-wheeler. He likes to stand on his seat and do tricks.

Playing in the leaves

Nov. 1st we made a pile of leaves for Jared to play in. He liked sitting in them and having Dad dump more on his head.

Halloween 2008

Jared hated wearing his hat for Darth Vader. He would scream at you if you put it on. He had fun trick or treating. We went to Novell and he loved running up and down the halls.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Fairview-Winter Quarter Ridge
Dad, Grandpa, Jared and Mom

We had a huge fire, Bryce caught the gas can on fire and tried to shake it out and it spread throughout the weeds. I ran to get the water can. We got it out.

We found a fun ride that dead ends.

This spot was open for Jared to run and ride his four-wheeler. The dogs love to chase Jared.

(7th trip, 15 days)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Fairview-Winter Quarter Ridge-9500 ft. high
Jared, Dad, Mom

We built a fire that Dad brought from the house. We went for a drive up skyline, we didn't make it as far as we wanted because we got stuck. We need new tires. On this trip we decided we really needed new tires and air bags. We need airbags because the truck sags to much. We couldn't get the truck off the trailer. On this trip the trailer was slanting towards the back.

It rained off and on until Tuesday. It kept the dust down but it was sure muddy.

Jared slept all night on Monday in the play pen. He also took naps in it. Up until Monday he would sleep in bed with us.

Jared had Brot's for the first time and liked them!!

(7th trip, 13 days)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Huntington Reservoir

Huntington Reservoir-9100 ft. high
Jared, Mom, and Dad

We came up Sunday afternoon thinking people would be leaving but it was packed. We found a spot right before we were about to go somewhere else. Dad went fishing 2 times but didn't catch anything. We brought the four-wheeler but didn't ride it. Jared rode his little four-wheeler around camp.

Jared slept on the camper floor 2 times for naps. He would be playing then fall asleep.

Chip scratched up the truck trying to get garbage out of the back. Dad was so mad.

(5th trip, 11 days)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dimond Fork

Diamond Fork-Sawmill Canyon
Jared, Dad, Mom- Cory came up for the day

Dad and Cory shot guns. Jared had fun playing with rocks. He would throw them and try to eat them. We tried making dutch oven potatoes but ended up making them in the oven. They still turned out yummy!!!

(4th trip, 9 days)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lake Fork

Lake Fork
Grandmommy, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, and Jared

This was the first time Grandpa and Grandmommy used their new trailer. Grandmommy didn't sleep at all the first night. She was trying to talk Grandpa into taking her home so she could sleep in her own bed. She ended up staying the next night. Jared cried for 2 hours straight. Grandmommy came and got him. When she was going to her trailer Jared lost his binky. The next day we rode four-wheelers. Cory came up but couldn't find us. He went up a different way and there was a big rock blocking the road.

(3rd trip, 7 days)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek
Kyle, Natalie, Carson, Ann, Barry, Troy, Brandon, Grandpa, Dad, Jared and Mom

The first night was very cold. Troy and Brandon slept in a tent. They froze all night long. We felt bad for them. We found them sitting in their truck in the morning.

We went four wheeling and had dutch oven food!!!

(2nd trip, 5 days total)

Monday, March 31, 2008

San Rafael

San Rafael-Devils Race Track
Cory, Jared, Daddy and Mommy

This was the first trip in our new camp trailer. We really needed a new on the old one the side was coming off. We chose to go to San Rafael because we knew it would be warmer there. We shot guns and rode four-wheelers. We ate some good food.

Cory really didn't like to get up at 6. (Jared would wake us all up!!)

(1st trip, 2 days)