Friday, June 10, 2011

Conner at the park with a friend

Aubree took Conner to the park with her friend Alyson and her daughter Nataly. Conner is a month older than Nataly. Aubree said they had fun at the park together.


I needed to go to my school to get my cricut and of course Jared wanted to play on the playground. So I let them play for a while. I was really proud of Conner he would climb up the stairs then go down the slide. I had to help a couple of times but he figured it out fast. We left when everything started going into Conner's mouth.

Jared brought two four-wheelers that he would send down the slide then come after them. He liked when I would go to the bottom of the slide and catch his four-wheelers for him. It was nice because it wasn't too hot yet.

Boys playing

We got Jared's training wheels for his dirt bike in the mail. Jared and Conner were sitting on the box and Jared wanted a picture. He loves being in pictures!!! Conner loves to try to steal Jared's toys from him.

The blue dog is one of Conner's favorite toys. We got it from Aubree for Jared's first birthday. Jared really never played with it so Bryce wanted to get rid of it. I wouldn't let him of course. Conner loves pushing it around the house and sliding it down the stairs (which I don't like).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sheep Creek

Bryce pulled the table up to put his feet up then Jared moved his chair to put his feet up just like his dad. Jared and Conner are such daddy boys.
Conner riding his four-wheeler he is pushing the button and going all over the place.
While sitting on the four-wheeler Conner said "Chevy" then got off and started pushing his four-wheeler. Sorry Grandpa he must see too many Chevy's stuck and people pushing them out.
The boys were so dirty from playing in the dirt but they loved every minute of it until the wind started blowing so hard. Jared kept calling himself a werewolf.

This is Conner throwing a fit. He will lay on the ground and bang his head on the ground, while crying.
Jared was pretending that his car was in a race.

Bryce and Jared went on a ride and found this truck that was really stuck. No one was around to claim the truck.
As you can see this is a Chevy, two trips in a row a Chevy truck got stuck.

June 5th-6th 2011 Dad, Jared, Conner and Mom

We haven't been able to go camping in May because of the weather. They boys were ready to go. So was I. We try to go 2 or 3 time a month so us not going in May was hard. We didn't know where the snow level would be so we went up Saturday to check it out. We decided on a spot we wanted for tomorrow. We went up Sunday after church. We played in the dirt, went for fire wood, went on a little hike, went four-wheeling, ate some good food.

Monday was really windy we were going to stay two nights but we decided it wasn't worth staying up if we were stuck in the trailer the whole time. When the wind was blowing little rocks would hit you and it would hurt.

(27th trip, 68 days total)

Thistle Trip

Bryce took the trailer to a bomb training and spent the night.

(28th trip, 69 days total)


Like I said before we love being outside. I love that my backyard is fenced and we keep it locked. Whenever Jared is outside Conner thinks he need to be out there with him. Conner loves following Jared around to play with. I think Jared loves it too. I always tease Jared that we are trading Conner in for a new one that doesn't cry or destroy everything. Jared tells me "NO" every time. Jared is a really good big brother.

Memorial Day

Conner and Aunt Sarah. She was trying to entertain him so he wouldn't cry about not being outside.
Conner looking out the door wanting to go play so bad. We wouldn't let him because he gets into everything and there were hot coals outside.

Cade looking in and Conner looking out.

Every Memorial day we go over to Cathy's for a BBQ. Bryce and I made dutch oven potatoes but I forgot to take a picture. I will have to make them again. While Bryce was cooking it started getting cloudy. Just after Bryce finished cooking it started to rain. The meal was wonderful like always.

swimming and playing at Aubree's

After the boys did quiet time and Conner's nap Trevor and Aubree took the kids outside to play on the playground. I felt a little bad because I stayed in to work on my blog book while they watched my boys. They enjoyed being outside.

We went swimming at Aubree's while Trevor's family was here. Cherri and I were in the pool until Azure and Conner got to cold to swim. I feel really bad because Conner really doesn't like to swim. He started screaming when we went into the swimming pool area. He hugged me the whole time, he wouldn't even play. Jared on the other hand LOVES to swim. This time I stopped at Walmart to get tubes for the boys. They loved them.

After I took Conner back to Aub's to take a nap, (which he wouldn't until I went and laid with him) I got back into the pool with the boys and Aubree. I was playing with Jared while he was sitting on the raft I tipped him over and he went under. I had to grab him and pull him back up. He was not happy with me.

Jared cutting his own hair

I decided to give the boys a hair cut after church one day. I started with Jared. I had him sitting in the chair I needed to run to get more clippers pieces so I had him hold the clippers which was not wise. When I got back he had shaved some of his hair off. You really can't tell from these pictures but in person you can tell. Jared was so proud of himself for cutting his hair. I had to tell him that he can't cut his own hair or others.

Water Table

The boys love to play in water. I am sure most kids to like to play in water. Conner loves to run over to my garden to play in my bucket of water I have. I don't really like him playing in it because he will water my garden so I filled up the water table for him and Jared. They boys were so wet that I had to take off all their clothes before going into the house.

I have to say I love having my backyard again. With dogs we never went out back because of the smell and land mines. We go out everyday when the weather is nice.