Sunday, March 22, 2009


Grandmommy took Jared on a ride around the block.
Bryce hasn't driven his white truck all winter. He really misses it but doesn't want to get salt on it. It is his baby.
Jared wanted to go on a ride the other night we were in the backyard and he climbed in his seat for the bike. I needed to pump up the tires so I didn't take him until Saturday.
Every time we come outside Jared has so much fun until it is time to come in. He screams at us. He is all boy, he loves to climb, fall down and say crash, going in the truck, riding four wheelers or bikes, and throwing things. Bryce taught him to put a ball up at his mouth and bit it then throw it and say "hand grenade" then make an explosion sound. It is really funny.
Yesterday I slammed Jared's finger in the door. It took off some of the skin and he cried a lot. I felt really bad. We put a Thomas the train band aid on it.

Today at church Jared ran up to an old guy and started shooting him with his finger. Of course Bryce thought that was so funny.

Story Time

They feed them smoothies and scones.

Grandmommy wanted to take Jared to Borders for story time. We went and Jared sat for about 5 minutes then he wanted to run around until they brought out treats. He isn't much of a sitter but he loves to eat!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Camping at Cherry Creek March 13th-15th

Jared went on his first dirt bike ride. Bryce took him around camp. He didn't go out of first. Right after he got Jared off the bike two park rangers came into our camp. I am glad that he was off the bike.
Me riding my bike. I didn't even crash this time (it's because I have all my gear on.) I am glad.Bryce's new bike. He loves it.
When Jared got on his 4-wheeler he would act like he was kick starting it like a dirt bike.
Grandma and Jared going for a ride.
Jared was a good boy camping. When we got there on Friday he played with his 4-wheeler then when it got too cold we came into the trailer and watched movies. Now that is camping!!!

Chuck e Cheese

Jared had the most fun throwing the balls.
Kyler rode this ride without getting scared. He is so brave.
Jared was sick most the time Trevor's family was here. It was sad. He loved playing with Kyler, he would look at Azure and say "baby". He wanted mom the whole time he was sick.

He did better when I would ride with him.
Jared loved sitting in the rides but once they started he would get scared and wanted out. Kyler loved every minute of it.
Cherri was taking the picture and this little girl had to go in front. Always happens!!!