Sunday, January 30, 2011


Last week Jared had to give a talk in primary on Scriptures are the word of God. We practiced all week long. The day of the talk he fought us going to church he kept saying I am not talking in the microphone. Bryce gave him a key and he went and sat down by his teacher. A little boy said the prayer and then a little girl said the scripture then it was Jared's turn, I didn't know if he would go up or not but he did. I went up with him and told him what to say when we got to the story the of The Good Samaritan he would repeat some of what I said plus throw in some of his own words. We got to were the robbers beat up the guy and he yelled into the mic "and he DIED" I hurried and corrected him and said he was dying. It was so cute everyone loved his talk so many people told me they needed to hear his talk.

Today Bryce had to speak in sacrament. I am glad it was him and not me. I would tell them no. He did a great job he related his talk to his job. For example he said that reading your scriptures or prayer can become routine just like traffic stops and that is when you can get hurt or killed. If your prayers or scripture studies become routine then you will not get everything you could out of them. Many people came up to me and said it was good to hear from Bryce and that the message was great, they loved how he told stories and related it to his job. Plus he kept saying he needed work on these areas which people were glad they aren't the only ones that needed to improve.

Jared pretending to be asleep

It was really cute I walked into the living room where my mom was telling a story to Jared and he was pretending to be asleep on the coffee table. He has been into making forts lately so I am not surprised he was laying on the table instead of the couch.

Conner on his four wheeler

Conner still doesn't push the button to make it go but he loves riding on the four wheeler.
Jared has been wanting to ride the four wheeler, I told him he could if Conner was with him. Jared wanted me to put Conner on the back. I could see Conner doing a flip off the back if I did that. Jared rode all through the house and went in our bedroom. I heard Conner screaming so I went to find Jared riding off without out him. I had to put Conner back on and he started laughing again. Jared wasn't very happy with me.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Jared's new saying is: "Aw, phooey!" Last night he kept saying he was like Donald Duck.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

nights like tonight

I am so grateful for bed time when I have a night like tonight. All Jared was cry. I would ask Jared to do something and he wouldn't, he also was stealing all of Conner's toys. Conner was crying because of teething.

Conner is starting to walk more and more it has been fun to watch. Jared loves playing rough with Conner. But Conner loves it!!! Conner finally got tubes in his ears a couple of weeks ago. He is a lot happier now not having ear infections all the time.

Jared is really into giving hugs. He will out of the blue say daddy or mommy you need a hug.

I am so grateful for my boys. They make me laugh all the time. Thank goodness my boys are not always monsters like tonight.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Over the Christmas break we got tons of snow. It was fun to make snowmen and snow Angels with Jared.

Santa 2010

We went to the Riverwoods mall it was nice because it wasn't crowded and we could take our time. Jared wouldn't sit on Santa's lap again this year. But he did take a treat out of his bag.

Conner Dancing

Conner loves when Bryce plays the guitar. He will crawl right to the amp and dance.

Jared and Conner with cousins


Jenny was sweet enough to watch the boys while I worked. She took tons of cute pictures of the boys playing with each other. Jared loves having a cousin so close to him. (We wish that Kyler and Azure were closer to play with. Even if Azure is a girl.) Right now Jared doesn't care for girls to much. When Justin and Amber found out they were having a girl Jared kept yelling "they aren't having a girl they are having a boy." I told them it was going to be a girl like Azure. He kept telling me that Azure was Cherri's. It was really cute.