Friday, April 15, 2011


This morning I started the bath for the kids when I got a phone call. I stopped the bath to talk. When I got off the phone Jared and Conner were in the bathroom throwing all the garbage in the bathtub. Jared said proudly "I even threw in my socks!!!" What am I going to do with my monsters. So I dug out all the papers they threw in then gave them their baths.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gotta Love It

We went camping this weekend to Cherry Creek. It was tons of fun. I am so bummed I forgot the camera. I could have taken some fun pictures too. Plus a killer movie of my dad getting stuck in his Chevy and us pulling him out with our Ford. Jared and Conner loved riding the Rhino and playing in dirt. Both the boys got a little sunburned. I felt bad for not putting on sunscreen early.

When we came home I was giving Conner a bath I went out to go get Jared and noticed our garage door was open I took a closer look and went to get Bryce. Bryce looked at it and someone tried to break into the house while we were gone. We called the police to see if there were any finger prints. They broke our garage door then took the kitchen door of the hinges. I can't believe people would try to rob a cops house. I texted some of my family members about the break in and that is when Cory called me to tell me that he took his wife to the hospital when they were waiting to get her meds (4 am) they drove up to our house and sat outside the house. We are wondering if that is when the robbers were trying to get into the house. They must of got scared.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jared Jared Jared

Yesterday when I picked the kids up Trudee said she needed to talk to me. She comes outside and shuts the door. I was thinking what did my boys do??? She whispers to me and says Jared pulled his pants down in front of another little boy and was shaking his butt. He did this two times. Plus he hit a little girl two times and blamed another child. I told him to get into the car. We had a nice little chat on the way plus when we got home Bryce talked to him.

On the way to drop the boys off Jared kept saying he would be nice today. I received a call from Trudee and she told me that Jared was telling her that Bryce pulled out swords and chains when Bryce was talking to him about being nice to others. So funny!!! Jared has a great imagination .