Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jared Jared Jared

I was having a morning yesterday. I had to take a salad to Trudee's for her Thanksgiving feast. I can't find my bowl for my kitchen aid since I packed so much stuff away and my hand mixer is in the trailer at my parents. So I went to school to mix it up. I was putting everything in the bowl when Conner was making a mess so I go to stop when when the bowl flips over and most the whip cream falls. I mix what is left up and load the kids up leaving the mess for when I get back to school. While I was dropping the kids off Jared gets up front to get the salad to carry in and locks the door without me knowing. So I was locked out of my running car. I called Bryce he made me call the cops. I ended up talking to a Salem City worker which happen to be my sister-in-laws mom who recognized my voice. She sent me an officer up to unlock my car. I am so grateful he was able to get me in. We ended up talking for 45 minutes about his job and what cops have to deal with. I really don't think police officers get the credit they deserve. It is sad.

My friend was taking her daughter to Trudee's the same day when the same officer pulled her over in front of the house for speeding. She didn't get a ticket which is a good thing being so close to Christmas.

River Woods Mall

Friday night my mom took Jared to River Woods mall to see the Christmas lights, have a carriage ride, have hot choco, see Santa (but she didn't have him sit on his lap), and get cookies. He also got two glow sticks one for him and one for Conner which was sweet. While they were there it wasn't too crowded until they were ready to leave for dinner. Jared came home excited to tell us what he did. I am so grateful to live so close to my family and Bryce's family I really don't know how people (like Trevor's family) handle living so far from family to help out. I rely on both our families so much.

Let it snow, let it snow!!!

On Saturday Nov. 19th we woke up to snow. Jared was so excited. He has been asking when it will snow. I am not ready for the snow but he couldn't wait to play in it. He spent about 2 hours outside playing in it. I was going to take Conner out in it but he had a cold so I decided not too. But we stayed home all day with a fire going which was really nice. The heat didn't come on until 9 that night. Conner is doing really good at not touching the fire place so I can see us having more fires this winter.


Jared loves putting on Bryce's hat and sunglasses. He wants to be like him all the time.

Pig Bowl

The pig bowl is the Provo police and County Sheriff play a football game to raise money for Shop with a Cop. This year they had a safety fair we went to. Before Jared and I went we stopped at Target to get a hat and gloves.

At the game Jared ran up and down the stairs the whole time. My dad ended up coming to watch the game. Cory and Sarah stayed for about 10 minutes but he was too cold. Which it was really cold!!! Prove ended up winning the game.


This Halloween lasted 3 days. It was too much for Jared. He didn't want to let Cade ring the door bell. He wanted to be the first one on the step. He didn't want to go trick or treating anymore. So Cathy and Bryce took Payton and Jared back to her house. Jenny and I took Conner and Cade out some more. I ended up bringing Conner back but he lasted a long time which surprised me. It was a fun Halloween but I am glad it is over.

Carving Pumpkins

We carved the pumpkins we bought at the pumpkin patch we went to. The boys colored theirs while Bryce carved his. I even gave the boys permanent makers!!!

Ward Party

I made a chili for the ward party. I have made it before but didn't care for it this time for some reason. Jared had so much playing on the stage with his friends and doing the cake walk once. Conner ran around the whole time. So I got to chase him!!! While we were waiting for the trunk or treating Conner was running from some twins that love Elmo. He was a lot smaller than them too and they were younger. Jared didn't want to go trunk or treating he wanted to hand out the candy with Bryce. Bryce brought his bomb truck so he had the lights going the whole time then he put on part of the bomb suit. Conner went car to car then ate some candy. After we got back Jared wanted to go. So I took Jared to those cars that still had candy. It was a fun but tiring day going to the zoo then the ward party.

Mom's Work

Every year Novell does trick or treat in the offices of those that want the kids to come to their office. The kids this year hit 5 floors and come home with two bags of candy. It was fun but too much candy. Conner did really well picking out his candy but he kept wanting to grab more than one. Brylee came near the end of us trick or treating. So my mom showed her off to her team members then we left. After this Julie wanted us to go to Barber Brothers to go trick or treating so we went there. Then to my grandpa's to show him the boys costume since he left the next day.

Hoggle Zoo Mistake

The zoo gave out chips so my mom bought the boys lion drinks.

Jared was kicking the lion like Iron Man does. He was afraid to put his head in the lions mouth.
Our favorite were the gorillas. There was a baby one walking around then the big one laying by the window for everyone to get a good look.

My mom taught it would be a good idea to go to Hoggle Zoo for their Halloween party. It was so crowded and all Jared wanted to do was play on the play ground. He ended up going to time out for hitting and pulling my hair. Before we went to the zoo we all went to breakfast at I Hop. The boys were really good there. Jared wasn't very hungry because I fed them before not knowing we were going to breakfast.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Again

Jared and Cade picking out their pumpkins to buy.

We went to the pumpkin patch with Jenny and Chad's family. Grandma came too. The boys had fun chasing her and being Iron Man in the maze . This time was colder than last time we went with Aubree. I was glad Bryce was able to come with us. He helped chase Conner around. I think we all had more fun going to this pumpkin patch then the ones we went to in the past.