Friday, February 25, 2011


Conner has been doing some funny things:
  • He took the thermometer and was rubbing it over his forehead.
  • He took Jared's sunglasses and tried to put them on so I put them on him. By the time I grabbed my camera they were off.
  • He took Bryce's hat and puts it on and run around the house yelling "HAT".
  • I picked the boys up from the baby sitters, he saw cookies in my car threw a fit til I gave him one. (I know I gave in).
  • He started saying cracker today!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Park City

My sister in law, mom and I went to Park City today to go shopping. It was so much fun we got some killer deals and ate great food. We went to a Mexican restaurant by a ski lift. It was snowing on us all day and at the ski resort the roads were really slippery I kept tell Amber to be careful not to fall because she is pregnant. We were walking and I started falling but caught myself but then I slipped again and fell right into the slushy snow. When I was laying on the ground I turned to my mom and said that I fell down. I was so wet. We were laughing so bad.


I left my kids with Aubree why I was studying. When I came back my boys had mohawks. Jared was so proud to show me his hairdo. He wanted to come home to show daddy too. I really need to get Jared a haircut I just can't find the time to go. I trimmed Conner's a little it was really hard because he moves so much.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


On Tuesday we went to my parents house. When we were half way home Jared tells me that we forgot his cell phone and blankie. He started crying saying he needed his blankie and I said that "breaks my heart". Then we came home and Jared told Bryce his heart is broken.

Next morning I asked Jared "How was your night"

Jared replied "I had a nightmare"

me "what about"

Jared "my broken heart, blankie and cell phone." so sad but funny!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My parents bought the dance game on the wii, over the Christmas break Jared had fun playing it with his aunt Aubree. Jared would pick the dance he wanted to dance to. Whenever Jared was playing he would be the person that was winning (even when he wasn't). He has always had good moves when he dances. He didn't get it from Bryce or me so I am not sure were he got his moves from.


Jared loves to climb into the crib with Conner then he wont get out until I come and get him. He makes Conner laugh so hard. I love to just sit outside the door and listen to them play.
Jared is playing at Grandmommy's and Grandpa's house. He likes to play wild there or anywhere I guess.

Valentines from Grandparents

Jared was so excited to wear his rain boots and coat. His boots are lighting mcquine and his jacket is a police one. Jared is really into getting himself dressed and picking out what he wears. I really like that he gets himself dressed unless I want him to wear something that he doesn't want to. Then it is a fight.
Jared got candy and a movie from Grandma. He got rain boots and coat from Grandmommy and Grandpa. Conner got a cute truck from Grandma and he got a book and pj's from Grandmommy and Grandpa.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love ya

This morning as Bryce was leaving Jared and I were telling him "love ya" when Conner came into the room and started saying "love ya" then he turned to Jared and started blowing kisses. I was so excited to hear Conner say more words because he doesn't talk very much. He must get that from Bryce because I love to talk!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Bryce sent me flowers to work. I was shocked, he never sends me flowers so it was a real treat. I am so grateful for all Bryce does for me and the family. He is such a great husband and dad. I know that I am not the easiest person to live with. Today Bryce and I met at home depot to buy paint then went to Tommy Burger for dinner since he wanted to get the bathroom painted and I needed to study. The boys spent time at Grandmas house. They had a lot of fun. It was a great day!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I wanted to get Jared out of the house and be active. So I signed him up for basketball. It is a class were the parents go with the kids. The first day Bryce and I took him. Jared had a hard time listening and following directions. He isn't the best at basketball but he is getting better. I took him on Saturday they were teaching the kids how to dribble from one hand to the next. The coach told me to just practice dribbling instead of switching hands I asked the coach if he thought my son was crappy he didn't know what to say and I told him I was teasing. It is fun seeing him get excited when he makes a basket or when he can dribble the ball.

On Saturday they had team pictures and when they were standing to take the picture Jared kept yelling say Mac and Cheese. Everyone was laughing. Then all the kids started yelling it too.

Bomb Suit

Bryce is on the bomb squad with three other guys from Provo Police. He had to go to Alabama for six weeks and then he goes back every three years to get his recertification. One of the suits expired so they got a new one and Bryce brought it home to hook it up. Conner was scared of Bryce.

This is a video of Bryce rolling then standing up. The bomb suit weighs 90 lbs. The helmet weighs 15 lbs. He wore the suit for only 15 minutes and he was already sweaty.


This weekend it finally warmed up enough that we were about to play outside. It is about time time!!! Jared loved to have me back him up between the fence and the snow bank. We want to go camping so bad. We keep saying we can't wait for the end of March so we can start going. Over spring break we are talking about going to Cherry Creek.


Jared is pretending to talk to Bryce, he was telling him about his new scooter and bouncy ball. Jared is talking so much.
This is Jared calling Dad. On the way to work I taught him his phone number. He loves to call Bryce. Everyday he ask if he can call his number. Right now we are working on his address. I love the fact that I get to drive the kids with me to Salem. It is a great time to talk and teach them. Half the time I have to bribe Jared, if he gets dressed he can use my phone and call his number.

We gave the boys their Valentines today. We gave them a scooter. Jared got a lighting mcqueen cell phone and bouncy ball. Conner got a mickey mouse bouncy ball. Jared kept asking where Conner's mickey mouse cell phone and scooter was at. The scooter is red which is Jared's favorite color because it is the same color as lighting mcqueen.

I gave Bryce two new shirts for work, a T-shirt, two pair of pants and beef jerky. Bryce claims he has my present but I have to wait til tomorrow.

Both Bryce and I are in need of new clothes that is why he got such a boring present from me. I went shopping on Tuesday with my mom. I bought 7 pairs of pants, 1 shirt and 4 cookbooks for $96.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


We are redoing our front bathroom finally. It was a bathroom with carpet and wallpaper. Bryce tore off the wallpaper and carpet. When he took out the tub and toilet the floor wasn't even. So my dad, Uncle Bill and Bryce fixed the flooring. Last Friday Bryce and I took a half day to go look at tile and counters. We went the Saturday before but most place were closed. We found tile we liked and took it to find counters to go with it. Holy cow redoing bathrooms are pricey and take so much time. We are saving a lot of money with Bryce doing all the labor thank goodness we know people that will help us with everything but the counter top. Bryce, Uncle Bill and Cory are putting in the tub. When Bryce picked up the tub he didn't get the tub I wanted and I gave him a hard time not getting the one I wanted. Jared and Conner had fun playing in the box the tub came in. I found Conner standing up in it but didn't get my camera fast enough. Bryce and our friend Brian puttied and textured the walls over three days time. We are ready to start painting.