Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Fairview-Winter Quarter Ridge-9500 ft. high
Jared, Dad, Mom

We built a fire that Dad brought from the house. We went for a drive up skyline, we didn't make it as far as we wanted because we got stuck. We need new tires. On this trip we decided we really needed new tires and air bags. We need airbags because the truck sags to much. We couldn't get the truck off the trailer. On this trip the trailer was slanting towards the back.

It rained off and on until Tuesday. It kept the dust down but it was sure muddy.

Jared slept all night on Monday in the play pen. He also took naps in it. Up until Monday he would sleep in bed with us.

Jared had Brot's for the first time and liked them!!

(7th trip, 13 days)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Huntington Reservoir

Huntington Reservoir-9100 ft. high
Jared, Mom, and Dad

We came up Sunday afternoon thinking people would be leaving but it was packed. We found a spot right before we were about to go somewhere else. Dad went fishing 2 times but didn't catch anything. We brought the four-wheeler but didn't ride it. Jared rode his little four-wheeler around camp.

Jared slept on the camper floor 2 times for naps. He would be playing then fall asleep.

Chip scratched up the truck trying to get garbage out of the back. Dad was so mad.

(5th trip, 11 days)