Sunday, March 27, 2011


Bryce put new lights in
Granite counter top
Marble back slab tub

Bryce keeps asking me if I am going to blog the finished bathroom. I have been meaning to but it isn't as much fun as pictures of the kids. The finished bathroom makes us want to redo the kids bathroom too, but we have to wait for more money. We went with natural colors. Bryce did a great job on the bathroom. The only thing I want to change is the mirror.

Garden Boxes

Bryce built me garden boxes this weekend. We are putting the boxes where the dogs used to be. I have never grown a garden so I am not sure how it will turn out. I keep calling my parents to ask them questions, I am sure that they are getting sick of me. We are mixing a special mix and I got one box almost filled with it but I will finish tomorrow then plant peas. I am trying to figure out where I want to put raspberry bushes.

Brothers Playing

Jared is a great big brother most of the time. He watches out for Conner when they go to the baby sisters or when we don't have the gate up for the stairs. I am so glad that I have summers off so I can play with the boys.

This bucket is from the trailer. We are getting ready to go this weekend. I just checked the weather and it looks like it will be nice weather. Jared had fun pushing the bucket around the room with Conner in it. He kept saying that it was Conner's turn to push him.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mr. Independent

Conner is Mr. Independent he wants to do everything by himself. He loves feeding himself. When I try he shuts his mouth and turns his head or he just screams and cries if I try. I just end up giving him two spoons and turn my head while he makes a mess. I am glad that he wants to feed himself most days but when I am in a hurry it is a pain.

Jared Sleeping

Jared was watching Spiderman when I came into the room finding him sleeping all curled up. There isn't anyway that I could bend like that. He sometimes takes naps and sometimes he doesn't it all depends on the day and how hard he plays.

Jared pulling Bryce on scooter

Last Sunday we had wonderful weather so we sat outside while the kids played. Bryce decided to hook up the scooter, Jared got for valentines, up to the truck and have Jared pull him around. Jared loved it!! They went up and down the street. Both my boys love being outside. When Jared is outside and Conner isn't, Conner starts to scream because he wants to be out there too.

St. Patricks Treat

The morning of St. Patricks day Jared helped me make shamrock cinnamon rolls. Of course I didn't make the cinnamon rolls I used the store bought ones . We cut out 3 hearts then used the left over dough for the stems. Jared had fun cutting out the heart shapes.

We used the frosting it came with and turned it green. Both boys really enjoyed eating the shamrocks.

Family Home Evening

I got this idea from another blog. I cut squares out of red, blue, green, orange, purple, and yellow. I laid them on the ground. Then asked the boys to find one color at a time. First was red. Then I explained that red means love and that Jesus loves us and wants us to love everyone, even if they are mean to us. Then we sang "Love one another". After singing we hung the red papers in a half circle like a rainbow. Each color I talked about what it means and how we can show Heavenly Father. We also sang a song with each one. Since it was around St. Patricks day we were making a rainbow we talked about leprachauns and how they are always looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

This is Conner helping us hang the rainbow.

Jared loved this activity we still talk about the different colors and how he can be more like Heavenly Father.
This is our finished rainbow. I talked about at the end of every rainbow there was a pot of gold. I told Jared to open the door to see if our rainbow had any gold at the end of it. So he did.

This is our pot of gold!!! The boys were so excited to have gold pieces.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Every time I get the camera out Jared yells for me to take a picture of him. It is a good thing he is so handsome because I have so many pictures of him. He is a joy to have in our lives. Jared is such a great big brother, most of the time he wants to include Conner.
Conner is a joy too. He has been hard lately because he is teething. He is getting four on top and two on the bottom. I am glad they are coming in all at once so we can get them over with. Every time Bryce gets out the guitar Conner runs over to him and starts to dance. I love it!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My 3 boys

My boys are really tired today. Conner only took a short nap. He spent the night at my parents last night so I could get a good night sleep for my test. My mom said he woke up at 3:15 she rocked with him then gave him toy cars and music then he went back to sleep. He should have been very tired and take good naps today but he didn't.

Jared is worn out from playing hard. He had fun outside on his truck and bike. While he was at grandma's house he rolled down the hill many times. I didn't have my camera to take pictures but next time I will

Bryce is beat from taking two loads to the dump, pulling out trees for his mom and taking down the dog kennel. He also has been cleaning the house all week while I have been studying.

Conner sleeping

When we go to bed we always check on the kids. One night Conner fell asleep like this. I had to take pictures!!! When I was taking the pictures I thought the flash would wake him up but it didn't. He is so stinkin cute when he is sleeping.


Jared loves to help when we are doing a project. He is helping Bryce paint the last of the bathroom stuff.

Our bathroom looks really good. Bryce did a great job. We had tons of help which is very nice, we still would be working on it if all those people didn't help us. I am so grateful for family and friends.

Friday, March 4, 2011


We have tried going to dinner twice now and each time Conner ends up screaming the whole time. The first time Bryce hurried and ate while I sat in the car then he came out to the car while I ate my food really fast. Tonight we went with some friends and Conner started screaming again so I went to the car with him. I just called Bryce told him to come get Jared's car seat and go home with our friends. Bryce and I decided that we aren't taking Conner to dinner for awhile. I really need to get to know the young women in the ward so I can have a babysitter.