Sunday, October 23, 2011

Conner Chilling

Conner just chilling out on the floor. I loved how his arms are above his head and his feet are crossed. I lay like that too!!

Millers Flat

Jared gets dirty really fast like any other kid. He had fun riding his bike to help get fire wood. While I was on the back of the four wheeler with Bryce a car was coming down the road pretty fast and I was worried they wouldn't see Jared so I was yelling for them to watch out for Jared, Bryce told me I needed to settle down.
This is Conner pushing his four wheeler in a ditch. He would also scream because it was stuck.
Conner loves to go places he shouldn't go like under a truck. He would push his four wheeler under there then start to scream because he couldn't get it out.
It was so chilly up there that we had a fire the whole time. Jared loved playing in the fire. We loved that it was cemented so Conner couldn't fall into it.

We haven't been able to go camping as much as we usually do. We went up to Millers Flat. This is were I had my migraine and both Jared and Bryce threw up. So it has been two years since we tried this spot again. We really enjoyed our spot we picked out. It was easy for Drew's family to find us plus we were close to a lake for the boys to go fishing in. (31st trip, 74 days)

Jared Playing

Whenever Conner goes down for a nap Jared likes getting out the little blocks so he can build jets, building and many other things. He really has a great imagination.

Jared's Black Eye

While I was getting Conner ready to go home Jared was playing with Trudee's daughter. They were playing with a huge beach ball. Jared kicked it but ended up falling right into the part you blow the ball up. It gave him this naughty bruise. That same day we were going to a party for Bryce's work. They kept looking at Jared then at me. I had bruises up and down my arms. We had to explain what had happened to both of us!!!

Conner's First Hair Cut

Before I went back to work all the boys got hair cuts. Jared is a pro now at getting hair cuts. He like going. Conner has never had one from someone else. He didn't like it at all. He screamed the whole time. Bryce held him down while I took pictures and the lady tried to hurry. I used to have a lady that I loved taking the Jared to but she moved places, she called and told Bryce where at but we can't find her. I really miss her.


Every week they do some warm ups and cool downs. They would have to do the crap walk, run backwards and other things. Jared was always one of the first to be done.
This is Jared hiking the ball to my mom.
Jared catching the ball.

Jared getting ready to steal the flag from Grandmommy.

This fall we signed Jared up for Smart Start Football. We had to take him across the street and they taught the kids football with parent help. While they played football Conner and I would go play on the play ground. Bryce loved taking him but on those days he couldn't take him my mom or Cathy would take him. After practice he would want to come home to teach or show me what he learned. He was so excited.