Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bryce's Work Easter Egg Hunt

Don't let this cute boy fool you. He has a horrible temper. While we were waiting for the Easter Egg hunt to begin Conner screamed and screamed. He ended up going to time out in the truck before it started.

Conner was really good at putting the eggs in his basket. He was excited to open them up to see what was in them.
Jared had so much fun picking up the eggs. His basket was full. When Jared opened his eggs some of them had slips of papers in them to go pick a price out of a bucket. Jared and Conner both got two papers. Jared picked out two cars one for him and one for Conner. He also picked pencils and a rubber bunny.

When we got to the park they had donuts, milk and orange juice. The donuts looked good but I wasn't able to eat them since I am not eating sugar right now. Conner ate one and he got all messy.


We had a busy day today. We went to Bryce's work Easter Hunt. It was fun for Jared. Conner screamed the whole time which was embarrassing. We did a lot of yard and house work. My mom watched Conner while we went to Tucanos with Justin, Amber and Brylee. We were watching t.v. when Jared sat on Bryce's lap and said "I am so beat."

Friday, March 30, 2012

Home Depot and the mall

My mom took Jared to Home Depot to build a car then to the mall to ride the train and carousel.

This is Jared handing the guy his car to race.

Waiting waiting waiting. Jared's car ended up taking 2nd place. He was so proud of himself. I think this was one of his favorite times making something at home depot and lowes.

I can't believe....

I can't believe how big my boys are getting. Jared is starting to read more and more which has been so fun. He knows how to add and subtract using numbers 0-9. I signed him up for kindergarten. He is going to Salem with me. I also signed him up for T ball. Conner is talking so much more. He is seeing a speech therapist which is helping. He loves to sing the "clean up" song and the "ABC" song. Conner will go get books and sit on our laps to read them. I am so lucky to have my boys.


Not sure why Jared and Conner like playing on the stairs but they do. They throw toys down the stairs then play with them.


The boys love to play outside. I am grateful that I am able to have my yard fenced in so I can leave the doors open while they play so I can clean the house. Most of the time the boys get along but when they want the same toy watch out because they will fight it out!!!


My kids love going to the same day care as Brylee. I think Brylee enjoys having them there too.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cherry Creek

March 23-25 we went to Cherry Creek in our new trailer. We decided to sale our trailer and get a toy hauler. It was nice to load. The weather was really nice. We road four wheelers, ate dutch oven food. Of course I forgot some stuff. I forgot my camera I thought that Bryce was taking pictures with his phone but he ended up not taking any. I am really sad because Jared shot a gun for the first time. I also didn't get pictures of the boys playing in the dirt. (My dad, Jared, Conner, Bryce and me all went). (1st trip, 2 nights)