Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Easter

When Bryce was growing up they would hide the basket and he would have to find it. So that is what he wanted to do with Jared. When Jared woke up he found Conner's basket and thought it was his until Bryce told him he had to find his basket. He started looking and found it he was so proud of himself for finding it.

We decided to let the kids have their baskets before church but they would have to wait for the Easter egg hunt.

This is Jared pouting because he didn't want to get his church outfit on to go to church. He loves being in his underwear as much as possible but we are trying to teach him he has to wear them when people are around or when we are taking pictures.

The boys got camp chairs and toy cars for Easter. Conner just flops out of the chair when he is ready to get out.

Cherry Creek

April 10th-13th 2011 Jared, Conner, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Charlie, Troy and Brandon

I forgot my camera on this trip and I wish I hadn't. Dad (grandpa) got stuck in his Chevy. It was so muddy the road had so many ruts and he tried to go a different way but ended up getting stuck. Dad got his rhino off the trailer and tried to pull his trailer/truck out before Bryce had a chance to get the ford over. But the rhino failed so the ford saved the day. Brandon recorded the whole thing I am still waiting to get the video from him. Dad will never live this down.

Justin came up for the day which was fun. The rhino was tons of fun we would strap the car seats in, I think Conner liked it cause he was high enough to see everything.

(26th trip-67 days total)

Dinner at Cathy's

Conner is teething so he puts everything in his mouth. I won't let him have his binkie unless it is at night, he likes to throw them out of the crib then hide them from me. Then he will come into the room with his binkie in his mouth and I chase him to get it out. He thinks it is a fun game.
Conner and Payton. Conner is six months older but smaller.
The four cousin. I am surprised I even got a picture with all of them. It is so fun to have each set of boys six months apart. It was funny because Cade is older than Jared by six months. When Cade was walking Jared wanted to walk but couldn't. Know Conner is walking and Payton wants to walk just like him. He crawls after him.

Jared telling Easter story and Easter Egg Hunt at Grandmommy's and Grandpa's

Before my mom let the kids go on the Easter Egg hunt she had Jared tell the story of Jesus on the cross. Every time we would go over there before Easter she would tell him the story. He was really good at telling it by the time Easter rolled around.

I couldn't get any pictures of Jared because he was too busy with the toy snakes he found in the grass. He had fun chasing me around the yard with them. He still likes to chase me with the snakes. Conner had fun getting about two or three eggs then he was done.

Story Time

We went to story time at the river bottoms. They were telling stories about Easter and Earth Day. Before the stories we went to the toy store and to play with this big ball with water running on it. Jared loved touching the water.

Grandma's Easter Egg Hunt

Cathy decided to have an Easter Egg Hunt over our spring break since Jenny had Cade. Jared was so excited to have the Easter Bunny come. He kept yelling the "Easter Bunny Came". It was funny Cade would go get the candy and Jared went after the toys. Cathy put a pile of stuff for Conner to pick up.

Jared and Cade painting eggs. For some reason the eggs didn't die very well. But they had fun trying to paint them anyway. They even had fun sneaking out of the house with the eggs to throw in the yard.

Cherry Creek!!!

It was very crowded when we got up there. We ended up going into the trees. It was a nice spot but it would have been hard for people to find us. While we were eating dinner the first night, we heard a truck we were wondering if they were pulling into our campsite. So Bryce went out to check it out. When he was out there the people hit a tree with their new trailer. He ended up helping them pull out so they wouldn't get more damage. One of Bryce's favorite things to do camping is to wake up and have hot chocolate. Jared is loving it too.

We put the rack on the truck. We put the fourwheeler on one side then we put Jared's black truck on the other side. We got tons of funny looks. Jared had so much fun driving his truck around. The first day he ran the battery it out and we forgot the charger. So he played in the dirt.
Conner finally figured out the button on the fourwheeler. He still can't steer it. He would rather push it instead of riding it.
We woke up to snow :( it was very hard to bring in the slide outs. Bryce had to climb up and scrap out the snow.

April 1-3-2011 Dad, Jared, Conner and Mom
(25th trip 64 nights total)