Sunday, December 6, 2009


On Tuesday night Chip got out right before Bryce was going to work. So Bryce was putting him back and I followed. I came back into the house and could smell gas. Bryce could smell it the day before and asked if I could I couldn't so if just forgot about it. So on his way to work he called dispatched to send the fire department up to check it. He asked for only one truck to come up. The next thing I know we had 4 fire trucks and a cop outside our house. The reading for gas was high so they called qweststar to come out. I was told to leave so I spent the night at my parents. That night I had contractions but didn't think much of it. Bryce called me in the morning to let me know that our furnace and water heater had to be replaced. I went to work still having contractions every ten minutes. They started getting closer so one of Julie's techs drove me home. Bryce had people coming to look at the heater but I made him take me to the hospital. He called his brother and friend to sit at the house while that workers were there. We were at the hospital for 1 1/2 hours then they sent me home. Bryce fell asleep for a hour and I finally woke him up saying my contractions were every 2 min. We went back to the hospital and I told the nurse I wanted my drugs now. She was sweet and hurried to get me some. We had Conner at 5:57 he was 5 lb 11 oz 17.5 in long. He has been a good baby for the most part. Jared come to visit him and didn't care for him much but now likes him. He wants to know where Conner is if he can't see him. He won't sit by him or hold him yet.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Setting up Christmas Tree

Jared was so excited to set up the tree.

Moving Hay

We all went to lunch then moved hay so we could fit our trailers under the barn.

Polor Express Story Time

Cade and Jared went to Borders for story time. They always have a yummy treat and an activity.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a busy Halloween. We went to Cathy's house then went trick or treating on Spanish Fork main with her. Then we went to my parents trunk or treating around the walking track. Jared didn't want to go around our neighborhood, he was done. We carved pumpkins the night before.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday 24th. It was cold and raining on us. We took a hay ride out to the patch then walked around a few minutes Jared was so cold that we got back on the wagon.

Halloween Party at the Little Gym

On Saturday the 24th we had a Halloween party at the Little Gym Jared goes to. We had to fight with Jared to get his costume on. It took four of us to get it on with candy, presents and holding his legs. He is a strong little thing. Once we got to the little gym he had so much fun. They had fishing, throw the bean bags, bowling, playing, cookies/punch, and trick or treat.


Daddy finally hung up Jared's swing. Jared keeps asking to go outside so he can swing.

Millers Flat

We went camping with Grandmommy and Grandpa. Jared had a great time. I am glad that my mom was there because I had a migraine and couldn't even get up off the bed. My migraine finally turned into a headache then Bryce got sick and he threw up all night long. It was a great trip.

Hogle Zoo

I think Jared liked the train ride the best. We went through a tunnel that he loved. He really didn't want to get off but did without a fight.

While we were at the zoo there were a lot of new babies. We saw a baby elephant, tigers, monkeys, giraffe, and snow leopard.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hill Base Museum

Today we went to the Hill Base Museum. This is the plane that Bryce's dad rode in when he was in the air force. Jared
ved the airplanes.

Petting Zoo

We went to the petting zoo when Cherri, Kyler, and Azure were out. Kyler and Azure rode the horses but Jared wouldn't even try it. So we went on the tractor ride. We really enjoyed seeing the baby animals that the zoo had.