Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wind Storm

We had a bad wind storm last night. It blew over our tree which was a good thing because we needed to chop it down. Our neighbor stopped by to see if he could have the wood. We of course told him no. Bryce spent the whole day chopping it down. I was sad because we planned to clean out the garage. The same day the tree blew over I took the boys to pick out material for my mom to make the boys bags for toys or Church. Jared was so excited to have my mom make the bags he ended up going to her house to watch her make one. Of course they didn't finish it before she brought him home.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My mom wanted to have Conner spend the night. So we decided to take Jared bowling at the Beach Resort in Provo. Jared ended up winning us. We went to dinner at Red Robin after. It was fun spending time with Jared but we sure missed Conner. Conner had a fun time with my parents.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ball Pit

The boys had fun playing in the ball pit. Some how it ended up getting a hole in it so it didn't last very long.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Jared woke up before any of us. He ended up going into the living room and played with his new bike. After playing awhile he came in to wake us up. He told us that Santa brought him a new bike and same with Conner. I was really excited so I woke Conner up. We opened stockings first. Then we opened all the presents. The boys did really good waiting turns and helping each other. I forgot to take a picture of them in front of all their toys. Jared got some thundercats toys his favorite is the sword. He also got transformers and a scooter. Conner gave him Ironman toys. Conner got a ball pit, dump truck, pirate sword, and some other stuff I can't think of. Jared gave him Cars 2 cars.

After opening presents we went to church. It was nice to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Conner wasn't very good so Bryce had to take him out. All Jared wanted to do is talk about his toys he got. After church Bryce made us a nice breakfast.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Great Grandpa bought Jared and Conner a shot gun. They were in heaven with them.

Conner loves Brylee. He likes to follow her around and say "Baby" I am really glad that Justin and Amber are putting Brylee at the same day care.

We went to my parents for a little while. We opened a present and read the story of Jesus while Jared showed us on the play mobile toy. My mom made soup so we ate a little but not much since we were eating at Cathy's.

We went to Cathy's to eat dinner. The kids had fun playing there. I forgot to take pictures.
We came home and read the story again. Then opened one present. Jared helped make cookies for Santa. They also fed the reindeer.
Jared and Conner got matching PJ's . I wanted them to match in the morning.
Jared made reindeer food at Trudee's house he was so excited to feed them.

Conner didn't really know what was going on.
Jared was sad because he wanted to eat a cookie and I wouldn't let him!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bryce's Work Christmas Party

Conner didn't want to look at me when I wanted to take his picture, he wanted the candy. I don't blame him.
Jared told Santa that he wanted a real sword.

Bryce's FOP had Santa and a movie. Conner has never been to the movie. He watched about 45 minutes then I ended up leaving with him. They played "Aurthur's Christmas". Jared really enjoyed going.

Bryce had to get the candy for Santa to hand out. He went to Sam's club he got king size candy bars and suckers. He picked out $300 worth of candy. They ended up handing out hand fulls to all the people in the movie theater.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Conner's Birthday

Jared was scared to go down the big slide. He made it to the top then wouldn't go down. I ended up climbing up there to help him. He went again and wouldn't go so I climb up again and just pushed him down. After that he would go by himself.

Conner was scared the first hour. He wouldn't even sit on my lap in the bounce house. He would sit on the little table. Then a lady came in to decorate a Christmas tree he was over there trying to take things off. Jenny helped chase him while I talked to Ashley's aunts I haven't seen in a long time.
I took the day off. I invited Jenny, Cade, and Payton to go to Lowe's extreme sports. When we got there a bus pulled up with tons of high school kids. We decided to go to Jumping Jacks in Springville. We were the only ones there for the first hour. Then Jared's best friend from day care showed up with his aunts. They had so much fun together.

After jumping jacks we went to lunch with Bryce. Conner ate 7 chicken nuggets and some fries. I think he was pretty hungry. Bryce ended up taking the rest of the day off with us.

Conner makes the funnest faces sometimes.
Justin had a dutch oven dinner he had to go help out with. So he brought me Brylee to watch. She was good at first then she wanted to be held the whole time. I needed to finish the cake so she had to cry a little. Conner woke up from his nap saw Brylee he came and laid by her.

Jared wrapped Conner's present all by himself which was shocking. He was so excited to pick it out and give it to him.
My parents gave Conner this little wagon that Conner and Payton loved getting rides in.

Jared and Cade helped open gifts.

Monkey cake!!!
At the party we ordered pizza and bread sticks. I ordered way to much of course. I think Conner had a great birthday. I am glad to have him in our lives. He brings joy to our family. It wouldn't be complete without him.

Conner is starting to talk more which is nice. He loves to play cars with Jared or anything Jared is doing he wants to be doing. Conner loves his big brother.