Saturday, September 29, 2012

11 years!!!

Bryce and I have been married 11 years. Time flies. We went to the Yardley Bed and Breakfast for a night. When we got down to Manti we checked in then went to dinner. After dinner we went on a carriage ride. It was fun to hear the history of Manti. The temple was all lit up. My camera was about to die so I didn't get any pictures of the temple which was sad. We went on a four wheel ride the next day. The ride was nasty I am glad I didn't have my own machine. It was around a 30 mile ride. Then we ate at a hamburger place that has been opened for 60 years. The carriage ride lady told us to try it. Bryce said it was the best hamburger he has had.  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

What a week

This week was not the best week. Sunday I took Conner to the instacare he had croup. He gave him a steroid and a breathing treatment. He screamed the whole time. It was sad to see him like this. I wasn't feeling very well so I took Monday off. I drove Jared to school came home then turned around and went back to get Jared. Jared was climbing on the counter I pulled his shirt and he ended up hitting the bridge of his nose on the handle of the cupboard. He went to the floor crying grabbing his head. I moved his hand and saw tons of blood. I freaked out and called Bryce no answer (he was at a bomb conference). I called my mom asked her if she could meet me at the ER to get stitches. By the time I hung up with Bryce he texted me saying he couldn't talk so I texted him to meet me at the ER. He ended up calling me. I started crying when he called he couldn't understand me he told me to settle down. I told him what had happened and he rushed home. While we were waiting I was still crying and then Conner started crying and threw himself on the ground hitting Jared's head. Jared kept telling me to stop crying. I couldn't because I felt bad plus I was tired from taking care of Conner who was sick. Bryce got home he didn't think he needed stitches so we put ice on. I called my mom told her Bryce had come home and that she could go back to work. She ended up coming up to check everything out. When she got here Bryce was leaving and I started crying again when I saw her. Not sure why.

Tuesday I stayed home again from work because Conner still had a fever. He couldn't go back until his fever was gone for 24 hours. We took Jared to school then ran to DoTerra to get some oils to see if that would help. I had to pick Aubree up at her school because she had a flat tire and she was going to watch Conner while I cooked for my work party. I did dutch oven chicken, 3 desserts and potatoes. My dad was suppose to help me the whole time but he ended up going to the doctor. I was very stressed out. He finally got there and took over the coals which was nice. We really had a great turn out, we ran out of chicken which was horrible but oh well. The desserts were really good. Conner had a bad night his fever finally broke at 2 am.

Wednesday I had SEP's so Bryce took the day off which was nice of him since he had a bomb conference the whole week. I took Jared to school then dropped him off. I ran to Sams because I volunteered to make a salad for the PTA dinner. I didn't get home til 9 that night.

My mom ended up taking Thursday off to watch Conner. I didn't think about asking her if she wanted to pick Jared up until we were on our field trip. I called Julie and told her my mom was going to pick him up so send him out. I got a text from my mom to tell Julie to send him out so I called her and she said that Jared never came into her room. I called the office to see if he was up there and they said no. I started crying because I was thinking the worse. They ended up finding him in the lunch room. He was looking for me. He went in my room tipped all my chairs, he went to the book fair then went to the lunch room. When they found him he wasn't worried at all. Bryce had a work party that night and my dad was going to watch the boys  then he made plans so Aubree was going to but I decided to just go home and put the boys to bed. Bryce went and won a coat. He was hoping for a gun safe but was happy with the coat.

I took Conner to Lori's I was so worried he wouldn't go but he ran in and took his shoes off. I was shocked. He had fun. Jared and one of my students were playing tag Jared ran out of the playground and fell hard on gravel. His knees were pretty scraped up. He started crying and didn't want to go to school. His teacher gave him band aids and I put them on then left.  Bryce and I cleaned the whole house so the realtor could take pictures of the house. We are lowing our price. I hope we can sell this house.

Saturday Bryce and Jared went to work on the robot. We drove up the canyon to gather leaves for Jared's homework. It was really pretty. We made a dutch oven dinner. Tomorrow we will be making another one and having my parents and grandpa over to eat.


Friday, September 21, 2012

swimming and playing

 The boys had fun playing in the swimming pool.

 I love his smile!!!
 Conner picked a pumpkin before it was ripe!!

 Look at my big boy. He loves doing anything Jared does.

 My boys love the cat. They can be mean sometimes to it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My poor baby

My poor baby had croup. He had a fever for 5 days. All he wanted to do was snuggle which isn't like him. He is usually all over the place. I really hate having sick kids. It was a long week.

Monday, September 17, 2012

playing and cleaning

 Conner loves to help even when you don't need help!!!

Jared and Conner love to play in the play pen they put blankets over the top to make a fort.

 Jared loves to build things then knock them down.

Jared's Cut

Wow what a day it has been. Conner has croup so I stayed home with him. I took Jared to kindergarten came home for a hour then went back to get Jared. Jared was playing outside while I was cooking his lunch. When he came in to eat he was hanging on the counter. I pulled his shirt and told him to get down. He ended up hitting his nose on the handle of the counter. He started crying I moved his hands he was bleeding. I called Bryce he didn't answer so I called my mom. I asked her to meet me at the ER. Bryce texted me saying he couldn't talk so I asked him to meet me at the ER too. He ended up calling me. I started to cry so hard he couldn't understand me. He told me to settle down. I told him what happened and he rushed home. While we were waiting for Bryce to get home I was still crying really hard. Jared kept telling me to stop but I couldn't. Conner started crying and he threw his head right into Jared's. Bryce got home and said he didn't need stitches. My mom was waiting at the ER so I called her and she came up to look at his head. I felt bad.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Provo City Day

 This was an old airplane that they don't use anymore. They let the kids get in and play with all the buttons and pretend to fly it.

 The fire dog would drive around and talk to people. He would follow us around talking to the boys and squirt them with water. I was glad my mom came down to help because Bryce was with the bomb robot. Conner was excellent until we were leaving. It started to rain so it ended early.

 They had buckets that they had to shoot down with water.
They had so many different stations with different activities. They got to spin the wheel to win a prize Jared won a shirt Conner won a water bottle. Then they were able to go fishing Jared got sunglasses Conner got another water bottle. Every table had candy they could pick. They got a fire hat from the firemen.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Aubree's Birthday Party

Every month my mom lets whomever birthday is in that month pick the Sunday meal. The boys really enjoyed the dessert that Grandma made. They sure love their aunt Aubree.

Marysvale Sept. 7-9

 Marysvale is a little town that leads up to the piute trial. People are riding four-wheelers all over town. Bryce and I ended up taking a half day on Friday to head down there. We went two weekends ago and had a blast so we decided to take the kids down. Conner cried a lot this trip not sure why. He was really good while we were riding but back at the campground he wouldn't listen. While we were down there we stayed in a campsite which was nice because it has power and water. The hard part is that we had neighbors and we were worried about the boys being to loud. The people next to us said they enjoyed watching the boys play/fight.
 We went on three 3 hour rides and a short one when we got there.
 The boys would pretend to be driving them at the campsite. The leaves were starting to change colors which were very pretty. Of course I didn't take any pictures. We were also driving on a trail and a baby deer ran out in front of Bryce.
 This is a miners camp. It has a trail to walk around to look at all the old stuff they used.

 Jared and Conner did really well hiking up the hill. Bryce ended up carrying Conner because he wouldn't stay on the path.

 This is an old cabin.

It was nice to have power so we could watch movies at night. We can watch them with the generator but it was nice not to have to.

We ate at a little place in town. Conner was horrible so I sat outside with him. Bryce and Jared came out when our food was ready. He really needed a nap and took one on the four-wheeler.

Bryce wanted to try a little trail but I told him I was too scared to try it. But we are going back up there in October and we are going to try it. I need to get over my fear of rolling. 

Trip 7, 19 days Bryce, Tasha, Jared and Conner