Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jared learning to ride his bike without training wheels!!!

We took Jared to the church parking lot last Sunday. He was really scared to ride his bike without training wheels he kept telling Bryce not to let go of him. He did fall down once but hopped right back on.

 Conner had fun playing in the parking lot. He would find pine cones and throw them or he would go bang on the door.

This is his second time riding the bike without training wheels. He did really well. He would go far without Bryce's help. I am so proud of Jared.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Conner's big boy bed

Today Conner and Jared came into my room to wake us up. I thought Bryce got Conner out then let him play in his room. Bryce thought I did the same thing. I put Conner in for a nap with his door a little opened. About 10 minutes later he came walking out. I was shocked. I put him back in his crib and watched him climb out. It was scary how he was getting out. We decided that he needed a big boy bed. We drove up to my Grandparents house to get a mattress but decided to buy a new one instead. But we did take a very nice bed frame from the townhouse for him. Conner fell off his bed a lot that night.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bug Jars at Library

Jared was making a pouty face because I was telling him to smile. He is such a tease.

My mom and I decided to take Conner this time to the library to make a bug jar. He did pretty well while making the jar but while we were waiting for the story time was a different story. He wanted to play and run around. I wouldn't let him so he was screaming, we ended up going to the car instead.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cherry Creek

 They were happy to have the black truck to play in. It is nice because we don't have to chase Conner around while he is in it. Jared is a good big brother to take him on rides.
 Look at that dirty boy!!! They love getting dirty.

 Conner was being silly by putting Bryce's gloves on his hands.

 Not sure why the boys love playing on the trailer. They send their trucks racing down it.

Over spring break we went to Cherry Creek. We weren't going to go til Wednesday but the weather was going to be bad so we left Monday. We loaded up Sunday after my parents. I went shopping Monday before we left. It was shocking that we got our favorite spot. I didn't think we would. My dad ended up coming down later because he had to visit someone.

We went on some fun rides. We would go for hours at a time because the boys wanted to keep riding. Jared's dirt bike stopped working so he didn't get to ride that much which is sad. They had fun playing in the dirt and on my dad's four-wheeler trailer.

Brian and Tricia came down Wednesday. While we were on a ride my dad and I got lost. We waited for the others when Brian and Tricia showed up. Tricia needed to eat so Conner and I went back with her. I was nervous because we were a long way from camp. We ended up finding our way back. Bryce showed up shortly after we did. My dad and Brian came 1/2 hour later.
After lunch we went on another ride. When we got back it started pouring rain and the wind was blowing hard. Bryce was going to cook something in the dutch oven so they ended up cooking in Brian's trailer. While they were finishing up a lady pulled in needing help with her flat tire. It was crazy because she worked on the mine out there. She was the mechanic. Pretty sad she couldn't fix her own flat tire. I am glad we have the toy hauler because we had plenty of room during the wind/rain storm for everyone to have a seat and the kids could play still.

2nd trip-5days total. Bryce, Jared, Conner, my Dad, Tasha camped. Brian and Tricia came up for the day.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

boys in towels!!!

After bath time Jared likes to pretend he is a shark and chase Conner around the house. Conner laughs so hard. I am glad the boys like to play with each other. They do fight a lot too.

Easter 2012

This is Jared running in to find his Easter basket. I guess when Bryce was growing up his dad would hide the basket and the kids would have to find them. So that is what we started doing. Jared found Conner's first then he found his!!!
Conner wasn't quite awake yet. He actually slept in!!! Bryce told Jared to wake him up.
Jared finding his basket.
Conner got bubbles, bubble blower, 2 monster trucks, a large pencil, bat/ball, hat, and matching socks.
Jared got water shoes, a game for his leap pad (wrong game!!!), bat, bubbles, bubble blower, hat, shoes, and large pencil. Conner didn't really care for his hat.

Jared found most of the eggs. Some of the eggs had money, candy, and tattoos in them!!!

 For Easter my parents gave us food storage. The boys had fun scooping the food into the cans. Everyone helped!!!

 While I was getting ready to leave Conner was getting into water. He was dumping it all over the floor by the cans. He ended up slipping and cutting his head open. I made Bryce take us to the ER to make sure that he didn't need stitches since we were going camping that week. When we arrived at the hospital we got to see life flight land. Conner didn't need stitches. 

While we were having the Easter Egg Hunt we saw a snake I started screaming so loud that the neighbors came out to see what was wrong. NASTY!!!