Saturday, February 11, 2012

kids playing

Bryce and I have been cleaning all day getting our house ready to sale. The boys did really good at entertaining each other. Conner came out of Jared's room wearing this hat. I was laughing because he was saying "hat" all proud. I am glad he is talking so much more.
The week of when Bryce was going to Saint George for a bomb presentation Jared ended up getting strep throat. I took him to the instacare to see what was wrong with him. They said they didn't know what was causing his fever. The next day I ended up making Conner an appointment to get him checked out too. I decided to call back and have Jared seen by his doctor because I didn't like the instacare answer. I am glad I took him in because he did have strep. Conner was fine.

While Bryce was gone for three days I took the boys to burger king, they were so excited to get their hats. We also slept over at Grandmommy's and Grandpa's house. My dad really wanted us too. My mom kept Jared and I brought Conner back with me. I ended up cleaning for 5 hours so the Realtor could put the house up for sale while Bryce was gone. He never called me back which I am so glad because we decided to sale it on our own. So it all worked out.

Sleeping Jared

Jared was playing in his room and fell asleep like his. I just love this kid. He makes me laugh even when he can be so naughty at times.