Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st day of school

I can't believe my little boy started kindergarten. He was really excited to go. That morning Bryce got a call out so he wasn't able to eat breakfast with us, I woke him up with a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Bryce made it home to say good luck to Jared.

We headed to Lori's to drop Conner off. He wasn't very happy to go without Jared. Jared and I worked on his homework when we got to school.

I dropped Jared off at his class and helped him turn in his homework. He had to put them in piles. Then we had to find his seat, he put on his name tag. I took a few pictures then went on my way. It was really sad to see him go but also exciting. Bryce and I went to a meeting the night before to learn what his teacher is expecting out of us. She had us write down 5 things that we remember about kindergarten I remember getting pulled out from the Grandma to work one on one with her. Bryce remembers the farmers running the cattle down the road in front of the school.

On the way to school I was telling Jared that he is in the same room that I was in when I went to kindergarten he thought that was neat.

When Jared met me in my room he said he had so much fun. I wanted to take him to lunch his first day so we went to a little hamburger place in Salem. We had a good time. He was really hyper. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Super Heros

 My boys are really great superheros. Jared has been asking to wear his Ironman costume. I finally let him put it on. While he was outside showing Bryce I hurried and put Conner into the Spiderman one. Jared was so excited to see Conner in his costume. They played like they were shooting lasers and spider webs it was really cute.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Conner's Mess

I was getting ready to go to a wedding reception for someone that I work with. Conner was being quiet in his room so I checked on him. He took a full box of Pops the cereal and dumped it all over his room. It was everywhere. It took me 30 minutes to clean up the mess. I made him pick up a few but then I made him sit on his bed til I was done. He got off a couple times but I put him back on. He was in one of those moods were he destroyed everything he touched. I was glad that I had Jared that day. Bryce kept Conner while I took Jared.  

Good Bye summer Hello work

I am so glad that I am able to have summers and holidays off to be with my family. It is always bitter sweet to go back to work. I love being home but I love my job. I started back to work on Thursday. I took the boys to Lori's for the first time since summer started. I left with Conner crying it was sad. I know they love it there but it was still hard to leave them. We had a good summer. I felt like a single parent because Bryce worked so much. I was really excited when he started back at Timpview.

I am not sure if I am ready for the open house on Monday. I went in on Wednesday and Saturday to get more stuff done. Saturday night I typed up stuff to hand out at the open house. I swear it is always like this every year. Plus many hours with Aubree to get stuff done too. I wish I was paid hourly!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Boys sleeping

When I went to check on both boys I found it funny that both boys were holding toys when they fell asleep. They have been very tired lately because I have been working long hours in my class trying to get ready for the school year. I am so grateful for my sisters help. I couldn't get my room done every year without her help.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Conner Sleeping

For some reason Conner likes finding tight places to sleep. He hasn't been falling asleep on his bed very often.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Camping Fairview

Aug. 9th-11th
I forgot my camera which I was so sad I did. I could have got some really cute pictures of the boys carrying firewood into camp. Plus us on the raft again. We went rafting twice and on some rides. My dad wasn't able to go because he started back to work. We also got a call from our realtor asking if someone that looked at our house last week could come look at it again. We asked Brian and Tricia to disarm our alarm system then go lock up and set the alarm again after they left. I am so glad that they were able and willing to help us out. We were hoping that they would buy the house but no such luck.

Trip 6, 17 days Bryce, Tasha, Jared and Conner.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Every year we like to take Jared to lagoon. We couldn't decide if we wanted to take Conner this year we decided to wait one more year for him. This year Jared's favorite rides were bumper cars and the octopus one. The octopus one shoots you with water. He laughed hard each time going up and down trying to squirt us with water.

We all took turns picking which rides to go on. We did it that way so Jared would go on rides that he normally wouldn't go one. He didn't like most of the rides Bryce would pick. After we were done for the day we went to dinner at a little Mexican restaurant in Farmington. It was good.  

While we were on the log ride Jared sat with me and Bryce was behind us. I really don't like that ride and Bryce knows it. I went on it for Jared. As we were going down Bryce grabs my neck which I hate so I started yelling at him. He loves to do things that bug me. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Mator came to Payson!!! We had to stop and see him. The boys were very excited to see him. It is very nice and neat that someone made Mator.

Payson Lakes

Ashley's family goes up to Payson Lakes every year. McKoy is Ashley's nephew. McKoy and Jared are best friends. They went to Trudee's together then Lori's. I am so glad that they go to the same daycare. I Facebooked McKoy's mom to find out when they were going up the Payson lakes since I didn't hear back from Ashley. She told me that they were up there now. I decided to go up on a Thursday but my plans changed and I went up after registering Jared for kindergarten. McKoy didn't know we were coming up. He was down at the lake fishing. Ashley, Jared and I hiked down to surprise him.. He was shy at first but warmed up really fast. I played card/dice games while Jared placed with McKoy and his cousins. McKoy ended up getting a spider bite. It was sad.

The boys had so much fun together. I am glad that I went up to see Ashley. I don't get to see her very often.