Thursday, July 30, 2009


4th of July

Jared and Kyler loved throwing snaps. We also did sparklers. Kyler and Mommy got burned from them.
Mommy, Jared, Klyer and Aunt Cherri watching some of the parade.
Daddy had to work. He was looking for bombs.

Cherri, Kyler and Azure slept over and we woke up early to see the balloons. We walked down from my house so we wouldn't have to fight traffic. It turned out to be a nice day.

Sprinkler System (what was I thinking)

While Bryce was gone I talked Justin into helping me put a sprinkler system in to surprise Bryce. It was a pain in the butt project. We had tons of help but still it took forever. Jared loved playing outside while we worked. Thanks everyone that helped. We love it!!

Build a Bear

Grandmommy took Jared to make a build a bear. He wouldn't really choose a animals so we picked a dog for him.
He sat up there typing with me naming his dog. He named his dog Davy.

Jared is washing his puppy.
Giving his dog loves.

Home at last

Jared was ready to get home after our trip. He got to ride in an airplane 6 times. He loved it for the most part.

Huntsville, Alabama

We went out to see Dad after Virginia. Dad was in Huntsville, Alabama for 6 weeks doing training. It was a long 6 weeks. We went to the space museum in Alabama. Huntsville really didn't have much for Jared and me to do without a car. Over the weekend we rented a car and went to the museum when we got to the rental it had a flat so Dad spent a lot of time taking it to get fixed.

This is a park in Alabama. There wasn't much to do so we walked to this park almost everyday. It was about a half mile away.

Virginia Fun

Jared, my Mom and I all went out to Virginia to visit family. Jared had so much fun playing with everyone. This is Grandmother playing with him. He loved getting her bennie bears and throwing at her. Don't worry she would throw them back.
Great Grandpa took us to see trains. Jared loved this store!!
We were going to go to Virginia beach but it was rainy so we went to Yorktown beach. Jared didn't dare get in the water. Hannah (cousin), Suzi (aunt), Grandmommy, Jared, and Mom all went to the beach.
While we were in Virginia we would take walks.
Grandmommy took us to this fun park!!!

Playing with my 2nd cousins.