Sunday, July 31, 2011

New blog

As many of you know we love to dutch oven. I started a new blog with recipes we have tried. I hope you enjoy the recipes. It is

did he crash or not???

Our bikes
Jared took this picture!!!

On July 23rd we took Jared on a dirt bike ride. It was his first time going on a ride on a dirt road. He did so good. It was so funny to watch peoples faces when he drove by on his bike. People would give him thumbs up and Jared would look at them then hit a rock, almost get knocked off. I would be yelling "keep your eyes on the road". Bryce was leading then Jared then me. Did Jared crash??? NOPE he didn't but I did. Bryce stopped on a hill. I stopped too but then pushed the gas and hit into Jared. I hurt my elbow but that was it. Jared did so good on the dirt road and it was so crowded. He almost ran into Bryce a few times but didn't.

We were stopped at one point and a guy was going so fast around the corner I thought he was going to hit Jared I started yelling him to watch out and to slow down. I was so mad. When we were leaving that same man was driving fast again. I am so glad that he didn't hit Jared.

of course

Conner loves putting on the spider-man mask but of course I can't get a picture of him wearing it. He also loves to climb on the chair.

Payson Camping

Jared sleeping in the trailer. He would play with Conner until 11 at night. Bryce and I would sit around the fire listening to them play and laugh.
While I walked around the lake with Conner, Bryce and Jared tried fishing. Bryce has never had any luck with this lake but still had fun.

I wanted to stop and take a picture of the two boys!!!
Jared and Conner waiting for breakfast. Bryce likes to cook outside but decided not to bring the camp stove this trip.

Cory hates being touched so I told the boys to hold on to him until he gave them a hug it took about 5 minutes before Cory would give the boys one.

I got service down were Troy camped so I text Jenny and told her we were up Payson Canyon and they should come up. We were very surprised to see them pull up. It was fun to have them come up for a couple of hours. We started a fire while they were here. It was nice to have the Cade up there to play with Jared.

(30th trip, 73 days total)

Drinking out of the same cup

Grandpa came over the boys haven't seen him in over a week. Grandpa of course had a drink that the boys wanted, so I got two straws.

My Car

Bryce surprised me by painting my car. I was very shocked to see it. I guess Bryce drove by 3 times while I was outside loading the kids into Justin's truck but to be far he told me he took it in to have the transmission worked on. I believed him, so I wasn't looking for a new painted Honda. I guess when I took him dinner at Stadium of Fire another officer told him he could get our car painted for $300, Bryce said "Heck yeah lets do it." When they took the car in the paint shop had a new management that didn't want to agree to the officers price but they did it this last time. So we were very lucky to get this price. I am so glad to have my car painted it looks so much better. They guy that talked Bryce into painting it said that our car was worth $6000 still.


Conner is doing so much better feeding himself but sometimes he still makes a mess of himself.

Daddy boys

My boys are daddy boys, they get so excited when he gets up from bed, when he goes into their room to wake them up, when he gets home from work, when he lays on the floor, and so on. The boys don't care when I do those things. It makes me happy that they love their dad but come on I am fun too.

baby sitting Brylee

Conner kept trying to give her toys he didn't understand why she wasn't taking them from him.

Justin has been working a lot this summer so I have been helping him by baby sitting Brylee. My kids played with her a little bit.

bubble bath

This was the first time I have ever given Conner a bubble bath. Jared loved putting the bubbles all over Conner.

Play sword fighting

I put netting on my garden to keep the birds out. The netting came with cardboard rolls the boys had fun with. They would have sword fights with them. I am enjoying that they are able to play with each other now. Don't get me wrong they fight a lot too but the boys do get along pretty well.

4th of July!!!

Fireworks!!! We had Cathy, Cory, Sarah, Brian and Tricia come over to watch the fireworks with us. Conner watched only a few before bed. Jared started getting a stomach ache so we only did half.
Jared's favorite balloon was the Darth Vader one.

My mom and I walked down to watch the balloons. It was a little breezy so the balloons didn't go up plus it was so crowded.
Jared and I made red, white and blue cupcakes. He helped me mix them and put the coloring in.

This holiday is mandatory for Bryce to work because of Stadium of Fire. So I always lay outside with Jared to watch the fireworks.
I know the video is sideways but I couldn't figure out how to turn it.

Home Depot Building Coasters

After the ward fourth of July breakfast my mom and I took the boys to home depot to build coasters. Jared did really well listening to us. I remember the first time we took him he didn't really care to help now he wants to try to do it by himself. Of course he can't so we help. But I am proud of him.


I was washing my car with Jared. When I came in this is what I found. Conner got into toilet paper and shredded it. It was all over the house. I guess he was paying me back for leaving him in the house.


The boys got so dirty we had to give them a bath both days.

At the campground there was a puddle that was fun trying to keep Conner out of. He loves water.
I love this picture!!!
Conner loved running and playing in the dirt.
All Jared wanted to do was ride his bike he even ran it out of gas!!
We found a spot that worked great for Jared to ride his bike, it was a mini trail. He rode it for hours. While Jared was riding his dirt bike I would put Conner in the front seat of the black truck. I got a stick to push the gas so Conner drove it in circles. Bryce made some good dutch oven dinner.

(29th trip, 71 days)