Saturday, February 28, 2009


Jared loves playing with his daddy. Daddy play rough with him.


Jared is all boy. He loves balls, guns, trains, and trucks. He enjoys throwing things. He is talking a lot and lets you know what he wants.

Jared and the trike

He loves riding his trike at Grandmommy's house. He will ride it in circles for hours. I don't know how he can last that long without getting so dizzy but he can.


Jared got new glasses and he is showing them off!! He looks good.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Jared got a new spaceship tent he loves playing with. He likes it when you crawl in with him.


I was downstairs exercising when Bryce yelled down for me to come up quick. I ran upstairs to find Jared with butter all over him. I had two butters out to make cookies. He is getting so tall he reached up and grabbed the butter and played with it. Bryce was wondering what he was doing because he was so quiet.

Gardener Village

Aubree, Mom, Jared, and I went to Garden Village to look at decorations which they didn't have to many up. It was a cold day. I did find about 5 police ornaments that I gave Bryce