Sunday, August 14, 2011


We didn't know how well Conner would do because he wouldn't take a nap, while we were driving to KFC Conner cried for about 5 mins. then he was out. We drove up the canyon to a park. We had the kids eat then we let them play. Conner kept crying so we only played for a little while.

Salem Days Parade

I love Salem Days Parade I think it is the best. They hand out tons of candy. The boys did really well. I put Conner in Brylee's stroller (which I had mine in the car but Bryce didn't think we would need it). He just sat there watching while Jared would pick up the candy. After the parade we walked over to see the car show which wasn't there so we went home. Conner wouldn't take a nap so he was ornery all day long. Bryce wanted to go on a picnic with KFC.

Camping Payson Canyon

Jenny and Chad invited us to go camping over night up Payson Canyon. So we loaded up the trailer, we only put a little water in the trailer since we weren't going very long. The spot that we were going for was taken so we went to another spot. Cory and Sarah came up a little later. The boys had so much fun in their toy truck and car.

Bryce and Chad went to look for wood while Jenny and I watched the boys. Cows came into our camp the boys chased them. While we were sitting in the shade some riders went on a trail we were camped by. It made me wish my dad still had his horses to ride.

Bryce took all the boys fishing. They caught 2 fish. (Bryce bought new bait). Sarah, Jenny and I went on a walk with Conner and Payton. I was glad I took my double stroller. We went on the same trail the horses went on. It was really steep Jenny pushed the stroller the most. There were a lot of cows on the trail and Sarah was scared I kept telling her I would protect her. We walked by a herd of cows. After about 2 miles we turned around. While we were walking by the herd of cows they started running toward us. Sarah was pushing the stroller up the hill. She started running then she needed someone else to take over so Jenny took over while I was yelling at the cows and throwing rocks. Jenny was yelling for Sarah to run. We were laughing so hard but scared too. That night cows kept walking around our camp. I was glad to be sleeping in the trailer. Jenny ended up going home around 3 to sleep then came back the next morning. While she was driving up she saw a cow eating a tent!!!

Spanish Fork Library Park

Conner loved the swing he would laugh and laugh while I was pushing him. I tried to get a video of it but of coarse he stopped laughing. Payton really didn't care for the swing.

Jared loved climbing the wall. Conner wanted to try climbing it too. I had to push him up.

I wanted to enjoy my last week of summer breaks so we went to the Spanish Fork library park. We met Jenny and her kids there. For the first 1/2 hour we were the only ones there which was so nice.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jared being Ironman

Jared brought me the camera to take a picture of him being Ironman. He loves to pretend he is all sorts of things. Like bumble bee, spider-man, ironman, and many others. He loves to give Bryce and I super hero names so we can play with him too.

Out with the old in with the new!!!

Our friend Troy made Sargent so he left schools. He drove the bomb truck, now he gets a marked unit. So Bryce gets the bomb truck. Bryce really won't miss this car he was always fighting with it. When he was cleaning the car out I couldn't believe how much stuff he fit in his car. He has quit a bit because of the bomb squad.

When he went to get the truck he came back for Jared and they went to the car wash. Bryce is so excited to have the truck!!!

Bryce's work

Jared was nervous around the dog which is so sad because he used to not be afraid of dogs.
Conner and the Robot. Bryce would drive it around to show people what it can do. He picked up chairs and would talk with it.

Conner playing in the bomb trailer.

Bryce's friend is over the Explorers. It is like boy scouts for older kids. They were having a fundraiser with different booths. Some of the booths were: bomb squad, dog officers, swat team and football players. It was nice because Cathy came with me to help with the boys.

Sunday, August 7, 2011